April 2023 Product Update

PDF Support

Now you can easily embed PDF files in your Mixa website. With the simple syntax "![[test.pdf]]" or by linking them with "[[test.pdf]]", you can seamlessly integrate PDFs just like images. Whether you want to showcase documents, presentations, or other resources, this feature allows you to provide valuable content to your visitors.

See the documentation here →

Static Files

We understand the importance of having full control over every aspect of your website. That's why we've introduced the ability to include static files like sitemap.xml or favicon.ico in your Mixa project. This enables you to manage additional essential files alongside your dynamic content, ensuring a complete and polished website.

See the documentation here →

Enhanced Publishing Control with Obsidian Mixa Plugin

We've made significant improvements to the Obsidian Mixa plugin, giving you better control over what gets published. Now, before actually publishing, you can preview the changes and see exactly which files will be affected. Additionally, if you're not ready to make certain files public yet, you can use the "draft: true" frontmatter to mark them as drafts and exclude them from publishing. Upgrade Mixa Obsidian plugin to 1.0.1 now.

Mixa Obsidian 1.0.1 →