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You focus on your content, we take care of the rest

Create a blazing-fast, beautiful website with great SEO under your own domain. Bring your notes or blog posts and publish in seconds. Enable the features you need using the live-preview editor. No coding is needed. Use your favorite tool to write like Obisidian or Notion

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What We Offer

We have everything to get you started. No coding required. Whether you're an avid Notion or Obsidian user, Mixa offers intuitive tools like scheduled publishing and SEO optimization to effortlessly bring your ideas to life. Join our growing community of satisfied users and experience the simplicity and power of Mixa. Start building your dream website today!

Obsidian Publish
Publish using Obsidian
Zip Publish
Publish with a zip file

1-Click Publish

  • Zero-code, no-hassle publishing
  • Notes and Blogs are first-class citizens
  • Create your pages in md, mdx, or html
  • 1-click sync from Notion and Obsidian
  • Keep your folder/file structure however you want
  • Direct publishing from Obsidian.md
  • Scheduled publishing for busy writers

Looks good everyway

  • 30 themes to choose from
  • Mobile-first design
  • Beautiful subdomain or bring your custom domain

Blazing fast and SEO ready

  • Your site is stored all over the world for faster load time
  • Images are optimized for faster load too
  • Your site is optimized for SEO
  • Sitemap and RSS feed files automatically generated

All-In-One Solution

  • Fully customizable site with live preview.
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Header navigation
  • Site search
  • Table of contents
  • Google Analytics
  • Light/Dark mode switcher
  • Inject your custom JavaScript and CSS
Check our roadmap, vote on the features you need
Frequently asked questions
Do I need to know coding: JS, HTML or CSS?
Absolutely not. We are a no-code no-hassle platform.
Can I use Mixa for Free?
Yes. We have a free-forever option to get you started. It should cover everything you need for your project.
How fast will my site be with Mixa compared to other solutions?
We strive to be the fastest solution. Here are some of the things we do to achieve this
  • Your site is generated and optimized ahead of time. That means no calls to externals system or fetching data from a database. It cannot get any faster than that. Your users and Google crawlers will love it.
  • Your site does not live in a single location, but is cached all around the world using Content Delivery Networks. That means the already-generated pages will load in an instant
  • Your images will be optimized for different screen sizes and generated in advance. Let's say you have an image with 1MB size in one of your pages, and the user visits your site from a mobile device. Instead of wasting user's bandwidth and making them wait to download it on a mobile network, an optimized image will be served. This image will be way more smaller (e.g. 80KB instead of 1MB). Now think about how many images you usually have on your pages, and calculate the benefit.
Will my site will be SEO friendly and rank high on the search results?
Absolutely! Mixa is designed with SEO best practices in mind. We use the latest SEO techniques to ensure your website ranks highly on search engine results.
  • Your site loads blazing fast since we optimize all your pages and images.
  • We use all the meta tags that helps with SEO and social sharing.
  • We use all the necessary attributes in your HTML tags to boost SEO, any many more
  • Will it look nice when I share may pages on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or other social platforms?
    Yes! We add all the necessary meta, opengraph, and twitter tags so that you have a beautiful preview when you share a link from your site
    Will there be a mobile version of my site
    Yes. We work mobile-first. That means all the layouts and features will look beautiful on mobile and desktop
    Why should I use Mixa instead of free alternatives?
    If you know coding and free alternatives are working well for you, you should keep using them. We aim to offer no-coding, no-hassle, 1-click publishing with every possible feature you might need. If you don't know how to code, Mixa should work great for you. If you know coding, but don't want to spend weeks or months adding all the features you need, then we highly suggest trying Mixa as well.
    I keep my notes in Obsidian note-taking app. Can I directly publish my notes?
    Yes, we have an Obsidian Plugin. You just click a button and all your notes will go live in seconds. You can check the details in our documentation site
    Can I publish my Notion page with Mixa?
    Yes, Mixa supports Notion. You can publish your Notion page in seconds to turn it into a beautiful website.
    I need more features. How can I get them added?
    We have a public product roadmap you can see above. Just go to our roadmap and vote on what features you need. If it's not there, let us know and we will add it. We will keep implementing new features till we have everything you need.